Karyn Kelbaugh Photography Blog


For this assignment in my PR Methods class (3000 level course) we were asked to ghost write a blog for a real client in Karyn Kelbaugh Genuine Photography. For this particular assignment I recieved an A as a grade.

The Holiday’s Are Here So Spread Some Holiday Cheer


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas (you must sing it)…well maybe not, but it IS cold outside, finally. Which means the holidays must be right around the corner. How many of you have already started your decorating and shopping already? I know I am already looking for holiday cheer and inspiration.

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Come on Media, LOVE My Mavs!

[Expletive] LeBron and the Heat! Lets go MAVS!

Sometimes I just do not understand the media. I talked about it last week with the Weinergate and now I am about to rant about the sports sector of the media. My home team, the Dallas Mavericks, as of last night are the WORLD CHAMPIONS!

All I’ve been hearing on ESPN radio and the Ticket are about the failure of the Miami Heat. Why the hell is no one talking about the ACCOMPLISHMENT of Dallas?!! Continue reading