News Release: Kelbaugh Genuine Photography

Contact: Karyn Kelbaugh

Owner and Photographer

Karyn Kelbaugh Genuine Photography

(817) 717 – 7242

For Immediate Release

September 20, 2011


Local Portrait Artist Joins The Give One Get One Cause


FORT WORTH, Texas – A local artist by the name of Karyn Kelbaugh joined the Give One Get One initiative to give families that are not as fortunate as others the gift of love, memories and photographs. The program offered is called Share the Love, and clients can nominate families they know who are deserving or in need of lifelong memories in the form of photographic art.

“In my head, I picture the Mom who receives these pictures. No matter what crazy stuff happens – no matter the family drama or the heartache or the challenges she faces in the coming years – she will have these images.” said Kelbaugh. “That is why I decided to create this program for my clients and families.”

Kelbaugh points out that the program is designed to benefit families facing virtually any circumstances. One nominee might be a single mom living on a fixed income, while another could be an immigrant family looking to rebuild their lives. For clients who need help nominating a family, Kelbaugh will identify deserving candidates.

To Share the Love, clients simply purchase Kelbaugh Photography’s Digital Care Package. This package was created in response to Kelbaugh’s research into photography trends. She provides e-friendly packages so clients can share images via Facebook, Flickr, e-mail, blogs and other Internet venues. This Digital Care Package includes: at least 30 custom edited images from your shoot in digital form on a CD, an online gallery, photographs will be formatted to match your digital needs, a custom designed PDF album, a custom box of 5X7 photos, a digital backup for safekeeping and half off any other products you may want to purchase. All of this plus the extra family you get to nominate is only $1,200 with payment options available.

Karyn Kelbaugh Genuine Photography specializes in spontaneous and sincere pictures that show a playful and natural side of a family. Kelbaugh, the owner and photographer, believes real photographs that are not staged or posed offer the best memories. Kelbaugh achieves this high satisfaction by providing a questionnaire with every family asking about their tendencies, likes and dislikes, favorite things to do and more. This questionnaire is what provides Kelbaugh the necessary information to make a photo shoot just another fun family outing.

Kelbaugh also offers many alternatives to KelbaughDigital Care Package such as KelbaughPhotobooth or Kelbaugh1 Kid, 30 Minutes, All the Files. These progams start at just $500 and offer great alternatives to the norm of photography. Photobooth is great for events such as parties or weddings. They set up a photobooth area and all the guests may come by in groups or individual shots. Kelbaugh1 Kid, 30 Minutes, All the Files program is just what its title suggests. These are great for pictures of the kids to share with the Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents and friends.

Karyn Kelbaugh Genuine Photography was founded in 2009 in Fort Worth, Texas. Specializing in natural light photography achieved on location for babies, children and families, Kelbaugh also photographs special and corporate events. More information can be found on her Facebook, Twitter or website at


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