The End of My Childhood

I guess now I Really have to grow-up.

My childhood ends at midnight on July 15. My constant best friend since I was 11 will be no longer. I am part of the Harry Potter generation and this summer I will no longer have that claim to that part of my tangible childhood.

I know that night I will be in tears. Not just for the end of an era. But also for me. And for the future of kids who won’t be able to experience it first hand. For those kids who won’t know the suspense, the anxiety, the tangible excitement, the sleepless nights from the inability to put down a book because the new one will be out soon, the lines or parties for a new Harry Potter book.

J.K. Rowling did something for my generation that I cannot really truly put into words. She created a generation of dreamers, readers, wishers and believers. How can any of us really ever thank her for what she gave us? For what she gave the world? Because of her I read a new book every few weeks. Because of Harry I found my imagination. Because of Harry my world will forever be more colorful and vibrant.

Yes, I am gushing about a book. And yes, I am a humongous geek – more aptly a humongous muggle — but, ya know what? I love it. I have read every book more times than I can count and I love it even more than the last time every time I read them again. Seven books and eight movies have given me an imagination and a childhood. It makes me frantic and so very sad to know that in a matter of days I will have to say good-bye to my childhood friend. That there won’t be anymore new adventures in Hogwarts nor will there be any more frantic nights of drinkable excitement to a midnight premiere.

I know come July 15 I will have tears on my face. For I know that it will be an epic movie. Perfect for an epic journey. And while I know that Harry, Ron, Hermione and Neville will always be a page away I feel as though I am losing some long lost friend. Fortunately, what J.K. gave me – the unquenchable thirst for reading – will never disappear.

Thank you Jo, Harry, Ron and Hermione for giving me a lifetime of memories and learning. And come July 15, I will be ready to say good-bye for the last time.


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