Come on Media, LOVE My Mavs!

[Expletive] LeBron and the Heat! Lets go MAVS!

Sometimes I just do not understand the media. I talked about it last week with the Weinergate and now I am about to rant about the sports sector of the media. My home team, the Dallas Mavericks, as of last night are the WORLD CHAMPIONS!

All I’ve been hearing on ESPN radio and the Ticket are about the failure of the Miami Heat. Why the hell is no one talking about the ACCOMPLISHMENT of Dallas?!!

Dallas was the underdog throughout the entire Playoffs. In fact, teams were hoping to draw the Mavs since they have been played off as soft, weak and hopeless. The players, also, have been written and spoken off as too old, too soft, too weak and in the words of Rick Carlise “castoffs” that no one wanted. But they grew together as a team, came together as one unit and in the end their individual failures led to their greatest success: 2011 World Champions.

As all the talk about the Mavs have been mostly about their vindication of the 2006 Finals fiasco. It just upsets me greatly that there aren’t many reporters or media of any kind really talking about the great things that this team has achieved – and that they have been achieved against great odds. Speaking of odds, I bet Vegas went crazy last night!

Let us for once talk about how the bench of the Mavericks rallied behind the superstar that is Dirk Nowitzki; who was having a dismal game, much unlike the previous 15+ games of the playoffs when he was averaging well over 25 points. But no, they (the media) want to talk about how the Miami Heat failed, how the decrowned King James failed to show up in any of the last 5 games or how D-Wade was unable to carry the whole team.

Although I will say that this win was a wonderful way to laugh at the Heat at the expense of James, who since his much publicized “Decision” has been played off as the Darth Vader of the NBA, the antithesis of good athletes and the biggest mouth and biggest flop. But come on people how about we talk about the years of agony for this Dallas team – 31 years of losing – over 10 years of early and pitiful exits for a team whose talent was overflowing. And then this year when they were written off when Caron Butler was injured, and yet here they are in June as the NBA Champions.

As one of the many jokes go, “I asked LeBron for change for a dollar and all he could give me was 75 cents because he doesn’t have a 4th quarter.” Luckily, Dirk has been able to complete games and perform amazingly in the last minutes of the game. And because of his leadership he became the Finals MVP!


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