News Release: Kelbaugh Genuine Photography

Contact: Karyn Kelbaugh

Owner and Photographer

Karyn Kelbaugh Genuine Photography

(817) 717 – 7242

For Immediate Release

September 20, 2011


Local Portrait Artist Joins The Give One Get One Cause


FORT WORTH, Texas – A local artist by the name of Karyn Kelbaugh joined the Give One Get One initiative to give families that are not as fortunate as others the gift of love, memories and photographs. The program offered is called Share the Love, and clients can nominate families they know who are deserving or in need of lifelong memories in the form of photographic art.

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Feature Story: Mavs Victory Parade


This was an assignment in a reporting (2000 level journalism class) class I was to write a news feature story of my choosing. I chose to do it on my experience at the Dallas Mavericks Victory Parade. I received a 94 on this assignment.

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PR Campaign: Back To School Roundup


This was a Public Relation Case Studies course (3000 level) final assignment. We were to completely create a PR campaign for a real-world company the non-profit Back To School Round Up. This included: research, SWOT analysis, objectives, tactics, reasoning for our chosen tactics and how we could evaluate our campaign results. On this particular assignment I received a 95 as a final grade. Continue reading

Come on Media, LOVE My Mavs!

[Expletive] LeBron and the Heat! Lets go MAVS!

Sometimes I just do not understand the media. I talked about it last week with the Weinergate and now I am about to rant about the sports sector of the media. My home team, the Dallas Mavericks, as of last night are the WORLD CHAMPIONS!

All I’ve been hearing on ESPN radio and the Ticket are about the failure of the Miami Heat. Why the hell is no one talking about the ACCOMPLISHMENT of Dallas?!! Continue reading